EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA, Brazilian Engineering company, with presence over all national territory, has the permanent commitment to customer satisfaction, the generation of value for its partners and sustainable development. Acting more than fifteen years on Brazilian market, the company develops projects and provides services in related to engineering & construction, industry, infrastructure, energy and housing, always creating integrated, innovative and relevant solutions for its clients and the community.

The business culture EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA, has as fundamental principles, the good communication among its team. We prioritize transparency in our business relations, professionalism, respect, ethics and seriousness in conducting the business in which the company is involved. Company is affiliated to the Brazililian Council of Engineering and Agronomy – CREA, and to the Brazilian Council of Architecture and Urbanism – CAU.

The company is certified under the standards of ISO 9001:2015, attesting its high quality management and best practices.

The company provides services, as follows:

Engineering & Construction:

EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA provides engineering and infrastructure construction services in Brazil, serving clients in the public and private sectors.  Our activities are carried out following the highest standards of quality, safety and constructive technology at all stages of the development. With vast knowledgement throughout the production chain, EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA has specialized team of employees and collaborators with extensive knowledge and technical know-how, which suits all the demands on execution of the engineering services.

Real Estate Developments:

Since its foundation, EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA has developed residential, business, commercial and mixed-use projects. Its team meets the needs and peculiarities of each locality and different publics, designing products and services that combine quality and sustainability. The company is bound by the highest precepts of preservation and environmental conservation on all stages of its endeavors – from planning to execution.

Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas:

The company participates in the development of renewable energy projects from conception to implementation. EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA has experienced team and technical capability to participate on all stages of the development and construction of windfarms and solar energy power plants. The company also provides work on landscaping, construction of bases for wind-turbines, solar panels and complete infrastructure for power plants. In the area of oil and gas EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA provides integrated engineering and infrastructure solutions for the oil and gas industry in Brazil.

Construction and Project Management:

With great know-how and specialized project management team, EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA manages the process of construction and implementation of large projects, from the initial concept design to its completion. To deal with the complexity required in the process, we have a global vision of development and use the most modern management and monitoring systems. The company works focused on Critical chain project management (CCPM) method of planning and managing projects that emphasizes the resources (people, equipment, physical space) required to execute project tasks. Our commitment is to ensure that projects are delivered on time and in accordance with the financial planning presented.

EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA is the general contractor for big brands on its developments in Brazil.

As part of a global community, we have English, Italian and Spanish speaking personnel with local culture and national presence. Get in contact and let us know how we can serve your engineering needs.

E-mail: contato@ekosbrasilengenharia.com.br

Phone: (5585)3265.5165